Project Description

No size fits all. In the story about Goldilocks and the three bears we hear how the little girl tries the bears’ different chairs and beds in order to find the one that is just right for her body. A story that is also told through this design, which in colour and form refers to the colour scheme and spatial sequences of Thorvaldsens Museum. All bodies are different. But for generations, the dimensions of the chair have been based on the same standard measurements derived from the average body. Maybe it’s time to challenge this average ideal?
Made in collaboration with: Mathilde Witt Mølholm

Material: Ash, stained in chromium oxide 296, burnt sienna 211, iron yellow 632. Dimensions: H: 104 × B / W: 52 × D: 52 cm Photo: Torben Petersen

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Project Date:

1. november 2018